Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last B-inge day

Last Saturday, my binge day started with this:

Binge day sugar pie Pillsbury

Sugar pie (The whole freaking pie, yes!) 2 520
4 Toaster strudels 680
2 Mcdouble 760
1 small french fries 295
2 grapefruit soft drinks 400
Won ton soup 200
General Tao Chicken 800
Bananas fried donuts 500
3 glasses of vine 240
6395 Calories

And do I look fat to you?!


I put weight on very easily. I have been over 220lbs twice in my life and I'm around 185lbs now and very muscular. I started the slow carb diet in last December dropped from above 20% to around 12% body fat. On the other hand, I stopped doing High Intensity Interval Training 5-6 times a week for a strength training protocol 3 times a week. Less effort and better results, I like the sound of that!

Fred Barbe